Friday, April 20, 2001

The Standard: Let Others Sue: Marketer Licks Chops Over Rich Napster Data OK, this is a great idea. BigChampagne is one of several marketers that are mining the marketing harvest that is Napster. It is so silly that the recording industry can't pull their antediluvian heads out of the sand long enough to see what a bonanza Napster could be for them. BigChampagne automatically searches Napster for certain artists' songs (Aimee Mann and ex-Toad the Wet Sproket, Glen Phillips for example) and then instant messages the folks who have the relevant MP3 files. In Mann's case, the IM directed the user to a special site where they could download an MP3 of an unreleased song. In Phillips' case, it alerted the fan that Phillips had a Web site and was still making music. BigChampagne got between 20 and 40 percent response, and harvested thousands of emails from fans who wanted more information. This is such a no-brainer. And it's a wonderful form of poetic justice: rip off my music, get marketed to. I love it!

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