Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Top 10 hot jobs of 2012

What a motley list! CNBC selects 10 hot jobs in 2012 and somehow "space tour guide" gets on the list! this is apparently based on the following statement: "With about 200 reservations already, Space
Adventures plans on hiring about 10 space tour guides to start, said spokeswoman Stacey Tearne.

Sure, it may be a desirable job, but hot jobs are generally those with more than a few dozen workers. Take a look at CareerOneStop's list of currently hot occupations as a comparison.

The other bogus thing about the article is that they use the widely criticized Salary.com for salary information. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics begs to differ.

The article does, however, use some federal info, quoting "From 2004 to 2014, home health aide will be the fastest-growing career, with 56 percent growth and about 350,000 new openings, according to the U.S. Department of Labor." That's a trend you can count on: boomers getting older and needing assistance. Check out other employment trends to find what's currently hot.

One interesting occupation in the hot list is parallel programmers. One hopes this will be a true growth area, since just about anyone buying a computer today is getting a multi-core processor, and rarely does existing software take advantage of the extra power. Some believe, however, that OS virtualization will be the cheap and easy way to unlock the power of extra cores. "As cores started multiplying, the need for memory started growing,particularly in the virtualization space. So we offered a low entry
price point and head room to grow," said an HP spokesperson.

As the local TV reporter said to the camera, "Time will tell. Time will tell."