Friday, November 21, 2003

'Spyware' steps out of the shadows | CNET

Here's a targeted spyware campaign that was very dangerous. The best thing I've found for finding spyware is SpyBot Search & Destroy, which has the funniest usage license ever. It claims to be "dedicated to the most wonderful girl on earth :)" Isn't that sweet?

Smaller chips built using DNA as template | CNET

Computing just keeps getting smaller and smaller.

Monday, November 10, 2003

Vernier Networks

I'm doing some work for Vernier Networks and I must say I'm impressed with their comprehensive suite of wireless management and security solutions. Perhaps the most interesting capability their solution has is a virus filter, which can help keep viruses off the core network. Since promiscuous AP association can result in lots of unwittingly infected laptop users on your network, this is a really good idea.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Verizon Wireless and Lucent Technologies Launch Commercial 3G Mobile Data Network With Speeds That Rival Fastest Wireline Connections: "the commercial launch of a third-generation (3G) mobile data network in the Washington, D.C. area. Customers can now experience a high-speed, wide-area, secure wireless data network -- BroadbandAccess -- based on CDMA2000® 1xEV-DO technology. "

This chest beating ignores the fact that Monet Networks has had 1xEV-DO networks up in Duluth, MN, Fargo, ND and other hinterland areas for quite some time. I wrote about this in a previous SNS.

This reminds me of a claim years ago that the first multimedia multicast was done by some hot dotcom when in reality, it was done on the experimental MBONE years before -- multicasting the cult favorite movie WAX - Or the Discovery of Television Among the Bees by David Blair. I first saw the flick at 3CyberConf in Austin and was privileged to have dinner with Blair after flying in with him (via airplane, not via bees).

Accessing MSN via cell phone? It'll cost you | CNET

I guess Microsoft figures, somebody's got to make some money on cell phone networks. Might as well be us. How much will you pay today?

Sprint PCS Text Messaging Down While Carrier Migrates Network

In the best tradition of the RIAA, Sprint apparently adopts a "screw the customers" philosophy by taking down their SMS service without warning.

You Snooze, You Lose - CSO Magazine - September 2003: "In the strongest sign yet that the government will, if it must, regulate corporate security, the Federal Trade Commission is cracking down on companies with lax security on their websites."

I say it's about time! If it takes the Feds to get the average corporation interested in security, I guess that's OK.

Wherever They Go, There You Are

I wrote this article about marketing uses of SMS for the Reside newsletter.

Wi-Fi Help for High-rises

Here's Wi-Fi Planet's take on BelAir Networks. Look for The WiMAX Guys to be an early adopter of this technology.

BelAir Networks

I'm starting a new service: blogging the raw material that goes in to the making of my email newsletter, The StratVantage News Summary. These are items that may or may not make it into future issues of SNS. So you can get a jump on the wave by checking back here frequently.

BelAir networks has a revolutionary, single AP design for covering large areas of building with Wi-Fi networking. - The Knowledge Network for Thought Leaders on Business Strategy, Innovation and Futures.

I'm a featured Thought Leader among the distinguished company of Michael Porter, Patricia Seybold, Clayton Christensen, Clay Shirky and others in ManyWorlds' Though Leader Showcase.

Innovative Marketers Target Unwired Customers

I wrote this article on wireless SMS marketing for the NetSuds newsletter.

Enterprise Architect - Grid Computing Takes Off in the Enterprise

I wrote this article for Enterprise Architect magazine's inaugural issue in May, 2003.

Enterprise Architect - Companies Collaborate on IT Practices

I wrote this article about Project Avalanche for Enterprise Architect magazine's October, 2003 issue.

Why Your Company Needs a Professional Wireless Networka>: I wrote this article for Reside's electronic newsletter. I focuses on the need to have professional installation and commercial equipment if you want to have a business wireless network.
The WiMAX Guys - Get Your Wireless Network Up and Running - FAST!

Here's the link to my new wireless networking company. We do wireless network troubleshooting for consumers and small businesses and new hotspot installation and wireless network design for companies that want to set up public or private wireless access points.

NetSuds People and Companies On The Move

This blog does what it says, reporting on movements in the .com and telecom world in the Twin Cities, MN.